Advisory Team

Prof. John Taylor

Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

Associate Professor and Vice Chair - Rutgers University - New Jersey. Ph. D at Chicago; Postdoctoral Fellow at Nice and Max-Planck institute; and Assistant Professor at Rockefeller University. Research work aimed at new methods in peptide synthesis, understanding the functional conformations of intermediate analogues and design of peptide-based vaccines directed against HIV-1.

Dr. Steven Kates

Vice President - Research, Ischemix, Maynard, MA US

Highly experienced chemist with over 20 years in R & D for both life science products and human development therapeutics and has advanced several compounds through drug from early pre-clinical to early clinical development. Industry expert in peptide design and manufacturing. Has written or co-authored more than 100 articles, reviews, and patents. Served as editor of several international journals.

Dr. Manjunatha

Has 39 years of experience in chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotech industries. Expertise in various fields of organic chemistry covering the spectrum of drug design & development, process design & development and commercialization of developed technologies in Pharma/Agro/Fine chemical areas. The areas of expertise includes design of chemical Research lab, chemical plant, setting up a new research group, coaching and training young scientists in good research practices, design of good documentation systems. He has about 30 publications in leading journals and 16 patents to his credit.

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