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Our Capabilities

Process R&D Strength

  • Synthetic route scouting – Novel, non-infringing, quicker, more dependable, and cost-effective
  • Optimizing the process to have robust In-process control and scalable process.
  • Technology transfer to manufacturing sites
  • Quick process development to provide proof of concept.
  • Process validation and scale-up studies
  • Preparation of standards samples & impurities
  • Stability testing and Degradation studies
  • Solid state studies (polymorphism)
  • Carbohydrate chemistry, Amino acid chemistry, Asymmetric synthesis
  • Bio-transformations
  • Suzuki Coupling, Heck Coupling & Sonogashira Coupling
  • Catalytic hydrogenation, Hydroxymethylation, Grignard reaction
  • Preparation Phase Transfer Catalyst, Nitration & etherification
  • Multi-step chiral synthesis and Chiral resolution
  • Heterocycles
  • Suzuki Coupling, Heck Coupling, Buchwald – Hartwig Coupling, and Sonogashira Coupling
  • Bromination & Thiazole formation
  • Borane / Diborane chemistry
  • Natural products, Nucleosides & Nucleotides

Analytical R&D Strengths​

  • Method development (Chemical & Chiral)
  • Methods validations (Chemical & Chiral)
  • Specification development
  • Impurity profiling
  • Structure elucidation with relevant spectroscopic analysis
  • Chemical & Chiral purifications by prep. HPLC from milligrams to kilograms scales
  • Product characterization by NMR, IR, LCMS
  • Solid state characterization by XRD, DSC, IR
  • Stability and degradation studies
  • Qualification of working standards/Reference standards
  • CMC documentation support for regulatory filings.

Manufacturing Strengths

  • Capacity to produce up to 50kg from in-house cGMP pilot plant and 5-10 metric tons per month from our partner/associated manufacturing plants.
  • Handling of the air/moisture sensitive reagents (Grignard, Friedel crafts acylation, n-BuLi, Sonogashira couplings and silylation reactions), Reducing agents (LAH, NaBH4, etc.), Pyrophoric chemicals (Sodium hydride, Raney Ni, etc.) and Pressure reactions (10-18kg/cm2)
  • Homogenous and Heterogeneous Hydrogenation reactions
  • Pressure reactions (10-18kg/cm2) and Temperature ranges from -70 to +200 deg C
  • CMC documentation support for regulatory filings.